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Lloyd Alexander 
09:23am 19/05/2007
mood: sad
Lords and Ladies, I regret I bring you sad news. Lloyd Alexander died on Thursday.


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Interview the Authors Forum on Fanfiction.net 
12:23am 20/12/2006
  An announcement that we hope will be of interest to Prydain fandom:

Announcing the first-ever Interview the Authors Forum on Fanfiction.net:

Several of us writing Prydain fanfiction have decided to start a conversation on the Lloyd Alexander forums at Fanfiction.net devoted to talking about how our experience has deepened our understanding of the chronicles. We would like to open a separate thread for each participating author, who is interviewed by the others, with the rest of you out there joining in with comments or questions of your own.

These interviews are not reviews. Those asking questions or making comments will not be talking about how great the stories are or how much we liked them (or not). The point is to provide a space for fanfiction writers to talk about how they address issues and themes in the chronicles, and, by doing so, cause themselves and their readers to appreciate more fully the richness of Alexander’s creations. Fanfiction authors will also discuss how the fiction-writing process has provided us with fascinating, and often difficult, choices in how to present characters and fill gaps in the original material.

We have started by asking writers of multiple fics or multi-chapter works with which we are familiar to participate. But we’d like to emphasize: we do not mean to exclude anyone. If you’re an author of Prydain fanfiction and would like to participate, please notify either adaon45 or CompanionWanderer.

We very much hope you join us, whether as authors, interviewers, or readers! Even those of you not devotees of the fanfiction genre might find much of interest in the discussion of Prydain generated by this forum. And you should know that there are several discussions ongoing at the Lloyd Alexander forums on ffn that are a lot of fun (and are related to Prydain more generally, not fanfiction). Please check it out! Viva Prydain!

Here is the address for the Lloyd Alexander forums at ffn:
http://www.fanfiction.net/ft/1066978/20709/1/ -

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First Fic Challange 
06:14pm 26/10/2006
  I got a review today for a Prydain fic I posted that made me think of a great topic.
With the exception of Taran and prehaphs Elionwy, we know suprisingly little about the lives, history, ect. of the characters.
In fact, it seems to me that we only see their personalities and reactions to the situations at hand.
(dosen't that alone make you wonder?)
so, the Challenge:
Write a one-shot (single chapter) story about an avrage day in the life of any character, using a detail about them from the text and elaborating on it. (for example, I wrote one about why Prydari won't sheath his sword untill the battle is won)

It can be comedy, tragidy, romance, or whatever you want.
Post it here
(and everywhere else, Prydain needs more online love!) with a cut, give a brief description.

If anyone wants to make this a competioion:

REVIEWERS: Rate each story on a scale of 1-10
(and if you are feeling generous write something complimentary and constructive as well) in the comment section. We will tally them up when the contest ends (when people stop responding, assuming the post gets any attention in the first place) and find something for the winner.

But if people are writing at all, EVERYONE WINS!
Happy writings, and good luck to everyone!

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Two things are on my mind.... 
09:40pm 14/10/2006
mood: curious
...neither of which has a thing to do with the calculus I really should be focused on right now.
Anyway, the first of which is
"How did you 'discover' Prydain?"
I don't have many notible memories of how great books entred my life, but almost 3 years ago to the day I was staying with some self-described Druids while they were getting ready for calan gaeaf.
Alwyas the anthropologist, I asked a few grove members for curiosity's sake what had transpired in there lives to lead them to this path. The answers were varied (Cancer, raised-by hippies, intence theological study, ect.)but one stopped me dead.
"Have you ever seen the movie 'The Black Cauldron?'"
I hadn't. But recalled the title, oddly, from a picture book I had had when I was very young.
The woman continued, "it is based on a series of books-The Prydain Chronicals- they introduced me to Welsh mythology."
And she went on to paraphrase.
My first (internal!) responce was something like 'yeah, and Harry Potter makes me worship the devil'*
Something about her words stuck however (possibly, because she, compleatly unlike the rest of the group went out of her way to aliniate me) and two weeks later I was strolling aimlessly through a random B+N on the east coast when I came across the novel "Black Cauldron" and it's predessor "The Book of Three". I purchasted the later, half expecting it to be garbage.

Within a week I had finished the whole series and have been an avid fan ever since.

Dose anyone else remember how they came across these special books? I can't help but to think all fans must have a story.

Speaking of stories- fanfiction.net has (at last count) 17 Prydain related stories.
If you go into any other fandom there are usually a few that say 'for the livejournal challege blah blah blah...'
So, I was thinking, would anybody fancy resurrecting this group with a 'fic challenge?
I can think of at least 20 senarios I'd love to see written but have no time myslef to scribe.
Let me know!

*I don't, for the record, worship the devil, and neither dose any druid (to my knowlage, I've since lost contact with the lot of them)

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Warners and enchantresses 
03:00pm 01/09/2006
  (Cross-posted from my own journal)

A bit of literary juxtaposition that just ocurred to me while feeling the urge to write about anything:

Consider, if you will (I just did) the similarities between Yakko, Wakko and Dot, on the one hand, and Orddu, Orwen and Orgoch, respectively, on the other.

They all have similar-sounding names within their groups, and their groups consist of three individuals. Yakko and Orddu do most of the talking for the others; Orwen and Dot not only echo or comment on what's been said, but like cute things. Wakko and Orgoch like to eat things. The three enchantresses of the Marshes of Morva possess vast powers mere mortals can only guess at, while the Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister) are cartoon characters who regard the laws of physics and cause-and-effect as optional.

I'm not suggesting the animators and writers at Warner Bros. found any conscious inspiration from Lloyd Alexander's books. I'm sure it's just a coincidence. The evidence of my nerdiness piles up, however.

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prydain fan discussion: posted for adoan45 
01:59pm 01/09/2006
  (syringaxpersica: because of some trouble posting this entry here, i'm just posting this for adoan45)

In the interest of revving up our discussion, I’d like to ask a question similar to one I saw on a Harry Potter site for grown-ups. The question there was “How do you know when you’re a Harry Potter fan?” The answers were hilarious—things like “I want to practice legilimency on my elementary-school students to see if they’re lying about their homework.” OK out there, how do you know you’re a Prydain fan? As you go through an average day, what kind of Prydain-related thoughts do you find yourself thinking?

This reminds me of my (now long-ago) youth. When I discovered the series at age 11, I was so utterly enthralled I wrote a little piece called “A Touch of Prydain,” in which I imagined jazzing up otherwise dull days in sixth grade with all kinds of Prydain-related imaginings. I’d wear a pin and pretend it was Adaon’s brooch, or I’d tell the school bullies loftily that they should “Go jump in the Marshes of Morva.” (OK, it didn’t do much good, but it was fun for me.) So what “touches of Prydain” light up your life? Do tell . . .

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Llyan was onto something 
10:10am 30/08/2006
  I thought that Prydain fans might enjoy the following tidbit from Monday's New York Times, which contained an article captioned "Now in the Recovery Room, Music to Heal By: Testing a Theory that the Gentle Strains of a Harp Help Regulate Hearts After Surgery." Apparently a hospital in New Jersey has on staff a harpist who plays daily in the cardiac recovery unit for two hours. As part of a study on the effects of her music, recovery room staff monitors patients' vital signs every fifteen minutes while she is playing. The results are still incomplete, but so far comments by patients and nurses seem to back up a study by a doctor in Illinois that "harp music in particular helped stabilize irregular heartbeats." The harpist (no, it's not Fflewddur in drag) claims that she makes sure she doesn't play any tune that's too recognizable, in case it's something like "music a guy broke up with his girlfriend in Atlantic City to." She favors instead, unsurprisingly, Celtic airs and tunes from books like "The Healer's Way: Soothing Music for Those in Pain."

Even the staff finds her music relaxing.

One amusing note: the article begins with the line "When George Moran woke up on Tuesday, he thought he had died and gone to heaven." As the writer point out, this was not such a far-fetched notion as all that; the gentleman in question woke up from heart surgery to become dimly aware of an attractive woman strolling around playing a harp! There is a picture of the harpist that accompanies the article, and she is carrying a harp that she can sling around her waist. It's bigger than your average Prydain bard's harp, but it looks otherwise much as one imagine such instruments to look--at least, that's what I thought.

The citation is the New York Times national version, 28 Aug 2006: A14.

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Thoughts on Gwydion's parentage, and a treat for Prydain fans 
01:00pm 28/08/2006
mood: thoughtful
Hello all! I hope that this community can come back to life . . . Anyone out there?

I wanted to ask a question of Prydain fans: who is Gwydion's father (and his mother, for that matter--amazing how many missing moms there are in the chronicles)? People tend to be identified by whose son they are (if male) or whose daughter they are (if female), with orphaned Taran being an obvious exception. Yet isn't Gwydion always simply referred to as the Prince of Don? We know he is descended from the Lady Don, and he becomes High King after King Math's death, which implies he is in some sort of close relation to the king. But we don't ever hear Math described as his father, do we, nor do we hear of Gwydion as a nephew or something. Correct me if I'm wrong. I couldn't find anything about Gwydion's parentage in Michael Tunnell's A Prydain Companion.

I also had some information on a treat for Prydain fans. In case you haven't read this yet, there is a great interview with Lloyd Alexander in a book about fantasy writers. Here's the citation: The Wand in the Word: Conversations with Writers of Fantasy, ed. Leonard S. Marcus. Enjoy!

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01:44pm 17/08/2006
  It's perhaps unseemly to promote one's own work, but there you are. I have just posted my first Prydain fanfic (and only my second fanfic ever) on FanFiction.net, and I'd love to bring it to the attention of readers of this forum to get their feedback. The title of the piece is "The Measure of Our Hearts," and it's about Taliesin and Arianllyn's reaction to Adaon's death in The Black Cauldron.  

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new covers!!!! 
06:31pm 29/05/2006
mood: artistic
Hey!!! I reeeally hope this comm isn't dead... anyways, exciting news! I was in the bookstore this morning and happened across... new Prydain book covers!

Unfortunately, Amazon.com doesn't have the image of The High King up yet. The art is by David Wyatt. Hope you enjoy them!!!

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02:27pm 30/01/2006
mood: cold
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gurgi + fanfic 
09:06pm 13/01/2006
mood: writing

Wow I haven't been here forever! I'm glad this community is still going, as it seems Prydain fans are scarce.

So, a discussion topic: What do you guys all think Gurgi looks like? I sort of have an idea of some sort of monkey, who it yet able to stand up and look like a pretty hairy human. What do you picture when you read Gurgi?

I also just wanted to post this link, dunno if it's allowed and it's major plugging, but... I recently started writing a fanfic based on Prydain, which explores the history before the series of Gwydion and Achren, and to some extent those of Pryderi, Morgant, Arawn before he became king, and the finding of Taran. I'm planning to have it continue through Gwydion's youth and then through the series - and one more thing... it's eventually going to be Gwydion/Achren. Now, I know you're probably just now thinking "Wuuuuuuht?" and yes, I thought it was very weird when I first thought of it too... but I think I'm going to make it work! I love reviews and feedback, so if you like fanfic at all, I'd look it if people came and read it and left me comments! It is here on ff.net.


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10:55am 04/01/2006
  Is Princess Eilonwy's hair red or strawberry blonde?

Just something that's been plaguing me as of late.

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02:34pm 10/11/2005
mood: contemplative
I just watched the LotR trilogy again the other day... I noticed the amazing amount of similarties (and to go along with that, differences) that these stories share with the Cronicles of Prydain.

Noticeably, the endings of both, what with the ships sailing away so that the characters would go live immortally in the Summer Lands, or Valinor for LotR.

The stories are based on the same mythology, Welsh from what I understand, and so it makes sense that they would be similar

It'd be interesting to hear some opinions from all of you regarding this subject.

Also, wouldn't it be great if some well done, live action, big budget movies were done of the Chronicles? That's my opinion, I know some people wouldn't want movies for various reasons.... just thought i'd throw it out there. :)

so what does everyone think?

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Another plug for Prydain fandom... 
02:13pm 26/07/2005
  I have way too much time on my hands...

But the fandom can always use a little nudge to get people together. So I found this forum:
The House of Lore

They've got a whole section on Prydain, that seemed to have initially had a good bit of activity, and has since lost steam. I encourage any fans, particularly those who like to discuss the books from a literary/intellectual point of view, to visit and see if we can drum up some more interest within the board. Although many of the posters seem to be tween-age kids, there are a few that seem like they could actually have an intelligent conversation if anyone was around to encourage it. (Not to run-down tweenage kids, whose enthusiasm I appreciate but whose propensity for ignoring basic English grammar sort of sticks in my craw). Anyhoo. Check it out.

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11:08am 26/06/2005
  hey! im totally new to lj and prydain. somehow i managed to dig up one of the books in the chronicles of prydain and fell in love with it! however i'm having problems with finding the book in singapore. so here's hoping that there's someone out there who'll know where i can get the book in singapore before i turn to buying it online.  

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New prydain artwork 
10:49am 26/04/2005
  Ok, elfwood still isn't accepting new tickets, so NYAH - I'm putting this here.
In case anyone hasn't figured it out, I love the Taran/Eilonwy relationship.

My favorite scene!Collapse )


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Prydain rules 
10:23pm 21/04/2005
  hello, im new to this community!
im just wondering, who is your favorite character, and your least favorite.
My favorite would be Gwydion, and my least favorite is probably Eilonwy.

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Farewell, Taran of Caer Dallben...Remember Me... 
11:31am 15/04/2005
mood: awake
thought you all might find this interesting...i found them under celtic folklore names:


The Welsh god of the underworld. The god Amaethon stole from him a dog, lapwing and roebuck with led to the Battle of the Trees, in which his forces were defeated. A tale in the Mabinogion relates how he persuaded Pwyll to trade places with him for the span of a year and a day. In this period, Pwyll defeated Arawn's rival for dominion of the underworld Hafgan. Because Pwyll also refrained from sleeping with Arawn's wife, they became close friends.


Gwydion, one of the nephews of Math ap Mathonwy, and brother of Arianrhod. He contrived Gilfaethwy's rape of the maiden Goewin, Math's foot holder. He did this by starting a war with Pryderi of Dyfed, stealing his pigs, and thus taking Math away on campaign. But he and Gilfaethwy doubled back and Gwydion forced the other women to leave Goewin with Gilfaethwy, who raped her. When she confessed this to Math, he levied as punishment on his nephews that they spent three years as animals, Gwydion as a stag, a wild sow, and a wolf, breeding each year with his brother Gilfaethwy who was hind, boar, and she-wolf. They produced three offspring, whom Math made human and raised at his court. Afterward, they were restored to the court. Gwydion raised Arianrhod's virgin-born son Llew Llaw Gyffes, winning for him his name and arms by tricking his mother, and created a woman out of flowers to marry him. After that woman, Blodeuwedd, betrayed Llew to his death, Gwydion restored him to life and turned her into an owl.

i also found Caer in there...it just amused me...so there ya go

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Since elfwood has crashed... 
06:34pm 05/04/2005
mood: silly
Hey fellow prydainians!
Since my gallery on elfwood is down, I'll post my latest work hereCollapse )
(Man, I hope I did this code right!)
From The Book of Three. Tell me what you think!

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