syringa (syringaxpersica) wrote in thecauldronborn,

prydain fan discussion: posted for adoan45

(syringaxpersica: because of some trouble posting this entry here, i'm just posting this for adoan45)

In the interest of revving up our discussion, I’d like to ask a question similar to one I saw on a Harry Potter site for grown-ups. The question there was “How do you know when you’re a Harry Potter fan?” The answers were hilarious—things like “I want to practice legilimency on my elementary-school students to see if they’re lying about their homework.” OK out there, how do you know you’re a Prydain fan? As you go through an average day, what kind of Prydain-related thoughts do you find yourself thinking?

This reminds me of my (now long-ago) youth. When I discovered the series at age 11, I was so utterly enthralled I wrote a little piece called “A Touch of Prydain,” in which I imagined jazzing up otherwise dull days in sixth grade with all kinds of Prydain-related imaginings. I’d wear a pin and pretend it was Adaon’s brooch, or I’d tell the school bullies loftily that they should “Go jump in the Marshes of Morva.” (OK, it didn’t do much good, but it was fun for me.) So what “touches of Prydain” light up your life? Do tell . . .
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