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Two things are on my mind....

...neither of which has a thing to do with the calculus I really should be focused on right now.
Anyway, the first of which is
"How did you 'discover' Prydain?"
I don't have many notible memories of how great books entred my life, but almost 3 years ago to the day I was staying with some self-described Druids while they were getting ready for calan gaeaf.
Alwyas the anthropologist, I asked a few grove members for curiosity's sake what had transpired in there lives to lead them to this path. The answers were varied (Cancer, raised-by hippies, intence theological study, ect.)but one stopped me dead.
"Have you ever seen the movie 'The Black Cauldron?'"
I hadn't. But recalled the title, oddly, from a picture book I had had when I was very young.
The woman continued, "it is based on a series of books-The Prydain Chronicals- they introduced me to Welsh mythology."
And she went on to paraphrase.
My first (internal!) responce was something like 'yeah, and Harry Potter makes me worship the devil'*
Something about her words stuck however (possibly, because she, compleatly unlike the rest of the group went out of her way to aliniate me) and two weeks later I was strolling aimlessly through a random B+N on the east coast when I came across the novel "Black Cauldron" and it's predessor "The Book of Three". I purchasted the later, half expecting it to be garbage.

Within a week I had finished the whole series and have been an avid fan ever since.

Dose anyone else remember how they came across these special books? I can't help but to think all fans must have a story.

Speaking of stories- fanfiction.net has (at last count) 17 Prydain related stories.
If you go into any other fandom there are usually a few that say 'for the livejournal challege blah blah blah...'
So, I was thinking, would anybody fancy resurrecting this group with a 'fic challenge?
I can think of at least 20 senarios I'd love to see written but have no time myslef to scribe.
Let me know!

*I don't, for the record, worship the devil, and neither dose any druid (to my knowlage, I've since lost contact with the lot of them)
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