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First Fic Challange

I got a review today for a Prydain fic I posted that made me think of a great topic.
With the exception of Taran and prehaphs Elionwy, we know suprisingly little about the lives, history, ect. of the characters.
In fact, it seems to me that we only see their personalities and reactions to the situations at hand.
(dosen't that alone make you wonder?)
so, the Challenge:
Write a one-shot (single chapter) story about an avrage day in the life of any character, using a detail about them from the text and elaborating on it. (for example, I wrote one about why Prydari won't sheath his sword untill the battle is won)

It can be comedy, tragidy, romance, or whatever you want.
Post it here
(and everywhere else, Prydain needs more online love!) with a cut, give a brief description.

If anyone wants to make this a competioion:

REVIEWERS: Rate each story on a scale of 1-10
(and if you are feeling generous write something complimentary and constructive as well) in the comment section. We will tally them up when the contest ends (when people stop responding, assuming the post gets any attention in the first place) and find something for the winner.

But if people are writing at all, EVERYONE WINS!
Happy writings, and good luck to everyone!
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