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Interview the Authors Forum on

An announcement that we hope will be of interest to Prydain fandom:

Announcing the first-ever Interview the Authors Forum on

Several of us writing Prydain fanfiction have decided to start a conversation on the Lloyd Alexander forums at devoted to talking about how our experience has deepened our understanding of the chronicles. We would like to open a separate thread for each participating author, who is interviewed by the others, with the rest of you out there joining in with comments or questions of your own.

These interviews are not reviews. Those asking questions or making comments will not be talking about how great the stories are or how much we liked them (or not). The point is to provide a space for fanfiction writers to talk about how they address issues and themes in the chronicles, and, by doing so, cause themselves and their readers to appreciate more fully the richness of Alexander’s creations. Fanfiction authors will also discuss how the fiction-writing process has provided us with fascinating, and often difficult, choices in how to present characters and fill gaps in the original material.

We have started by asking writers of multiple fics or multi-chapter works with which we are familiar to participate. But we’d like to emphasize: we do not mean to exclude anyone. If you’re an author of Prydain fanfiction and would like to participate, please notify either adaon45 or CompanionWanderer.

We very much hope you join us, whether as authors, interviewers, or readers! Even those of you not devotees of the fanfiction genre might find much of interest in the discussion of Prydain generated by this forum. And you should know that there are several discussions ongoing at the Lloyd Alexander forums on ffn that are a lot of fun (and are related to Prydain more generally, not fanfiction). Please check it out! Viva Prydain!

Here is the address for the Lloyd Alexander forums at ffn: -
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