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gurgi + fanfic

Wow I haven't been here forever! I'm glad this community is still going, as it seems Prydain fans are scarce.

So, a discussion topic: What do you guys all think Gurgi looks like? I sort of have an idea of some sort of monkey, who it yet able to stand up and look like a pretty hairy human. What do you picture when you read Gurgi?

I also just wanted to post this link, dunno if it's allowed and it's major plugging, but... I recently started writing a fanfic based on Prydain, which explores the history before the series of Gwydion and Achren, and to some extent those of Pryderi, Morgant, Arawn before he became king, and the finding of Taran. I'm planning to have it continue through Gwydion's youth and then through the series - and one more thing... it's eventually going to be Gwydion/Achren. Now, I know you're probably just now thinking "Wuuuuuuht?" and yes, I thought it was very weird when I first thought of it too... but I think I'm going to make it work! I love reviews and feedback, so if you like fanfic at all, I'd look it if people came and read it and left me comments! It is here on ff.net.

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